In terms of corporate governance, the Board of Directors attaches great importance to the company's internal control and risk management, strengthens the company's overall risk management capabilities continuously , and improves the level of corporate compliance operations. We will optimize the operation mechanism of the board of directors, support the scientific decision-making of the board of directors, and fulfill its responsibilities to shareholders, customers, employees, society and other stakeholders actively.

2021-至今          →       目前已成为全球独家集地震频率谐振勘探理论—技术服务—仪器生产及销售为一体的服务商。

2021-now                      We have become the world's exclusive set of seismic frequency resonance exploration theory - technical services - instrument production and sales as one of the service providers.

2018-2019年     →       应用频率谐振技术承担中国地调局多个城市地下空间调查工作(北京、上海、成都、惠州、雄安、青岛)

2018-2019                    Applied frequency resonance technique to undertake underground space surveys in several cities of China (incuding Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Huizhou, Xiong'an and Qingdao)

2017年               →       开展频率谐振成像技术生产性应用试验,获得百米深度米级精度突破。

2017                              Carried out the productive application test of frequency resonance imaging technology, and achieved a breakthrough meter-level accuracy at a depth of 100 meters.

2016年               →       独立开展三分量地震频率谐振成像技术研究和实验并挂牌新三板-股票代码837782

2016                              Carried out research and experiments on three-component seismic frequency resonance imaging technique independently and were officially listed on the New OTC System (stock code 837782) in May 2016.

2015年               →       进军城市地下空间探测领域

2015                            Entered the field of urban underground space exploration.

2012年               →       进军高清地震数据处理解释领域

2012                               Entered the field of high-definition seismic data processing.

2005年               →       进军多分量地震和起伏地表地震处理成像领域

2005                          Entered the field of multi-component seismic and undulating surface seismic processing.

2003年               →       成立jinnianhui67发展有限公司

2003                          Established jinnianhui67PSG

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